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spiritual direction


"I wanted to develop my own definition and practice of spirituality. I wanted to get to the underlying roots of my depression & anxiety. I wanted to understand the stories that I was living by & let them go if they didn’t match up with who I really am/wanted to be. This is the “best” form of inner work I’ve ever done. I know myself better. I am much better at recognizing the stories floating around my head and choosing the ones I want to live into. I have embodied experiences of god, myself & my own spirituality now." 


- Leia


what is spiritual direction?

Each of us is a complex universe of stories, emotions and intimate truths. Spiritual Direction is a practice that names all of this as sacred, makes space for whatever arises and invites us to trust ourselves, our bodies and the divine within us. In the gentle company of spiritual director, we explore who we are and who we are becoming with curiosity and compassion.


who is spiritual direction for?

Spiritual direction is for anyone wanting to explore what is going on inside of them. It doesn't matter what your spiritual or religious background is. What matters is that you want to know and trust yourself more fully. 


how does spiritual direction work?

In spiritual direction, an individual meets regularly with a director for one-hour sessions. As the individual shares what feels most present, the director listens intently to words, body language and energy shifts and supports them as they uncover, name and get to know what's going on inside of them. This practice looks different for every person and often includes conversation, silence, breath and imagination.


how do I get started?

If you sense that this is something for you, please reach out! We will start by scheduling a no-cost introduction meeting to make sure that spiritual direction aligns with what you want and need. We will also discuss pricing, scheduling and other details.


spiritual direction resources

Spiritual direction has a rich history in many faith traditions, including Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and others. Discover the roots of spiritual direction and learn from modern mystics.

Spiritual Directors International

The Spiritual Directors of Color Network

The Mystic Soul Project

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